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The purpose of this web site is to collect information on all aspects of the impact of immigration on the lives of Texans, and all Americans. Here you will find articles and links to information on such topics as population growth, urban sprawl and loss of undeveloped land, pollution, loss of natural resources, reduction in wages, quality of life issues, and other costs and burdens imposed by immigration. What you will learn from reviewing the information presented on and through this site is that until we address and reduce immigration, we cannot address most other problems facing our country.

Population Growth
Water Quality
Urban Sprawl & Loss of Undeveloped Land

Loss of Natural Resources
Wage Reduction
Costs & Risks of Immigration on the U.S.
Rising Cost of Higher Education
Bills Before Congress
Polls Find Americans Want Less Immigration
Quality of Life Issues
Supporters of Low Immigration
From President Kennedy to David Brower, past
president of the Sierra Club

Links to Related Resources
Center for Immigration Studies
Immigration Lawyers  Cranbrook Legal

Texans For Fair Immigration (TFFI) has a weekly t.v. program, which can be seen on
cable television in Austin, Texas on Austin Cable Access Ch.10 on Tuesday evening at 6pm.

Contact TFFI at,
PO Box 4334
Austin, Tx. 78765

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